Simply Squat Program: Increase Your Squat Confidence in 6 Weeks

It's common to want a quick fix to heavier lifts, but the secret sauce doesn't exist.. legally speaking. Everyone loves to squat, this we already know. It’s not only a great reflection of your strength and power, but its also a great way to measure how far you've come. You can literally see it right in front of you by the steady increase in the bumper plates that you load on the barbell.

This 6 Week Squat program gets you comfortable in the percentage range that matters by working with 95% of your current 1 Rep Max. Day 1 is Volume focused while Day 3 is all about Heavy Singles and Doubles. Targeted Accessory work on Day 2 will help build your posterior through unilateral movements. It is highly recommended you take a day of rest between each day.

Stick to the plan, give this 6 week program a go and see the benefits!

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