Jennifer Knauss

"I've been working with Chris for more than two years and my strength and technique have completely transformed during that time.  His programs are effective and efficient and he has worked with me through injury and crazy work schedules to adapt programming to keep me moving toward my goals.  He pulls no punches with his feedback and takes no excuses, and I'm a better lifter for it.  You get the full package with Chris - someone who loves what he does, cares about his athletes, and has the expertise and experience to deliver results."


Stu Kronick

"Chris has been coaching & programming me for over 2 years. I previously did Crossfit but I was looking to improve my Olympic lifts while still having some HIIT workouts. Over the past 2 years, my lifting has dramatically improved and continue to do so. Chris’s programming focuses on what I enjoy to do as well as targeting my weaknesses.  He reviews video of my lifts and gives me helpful feedback."