1-On-1 Programming
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1-On-1 Programming

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At FiVe Points we believe in 5 Pillars of fitness, Strength, Power, Endurance, Health & Longevity. 

We're here to help BOOST your fitness goals so you can be the best form of you! Offering any niche of fitness programming, Power Lifting, Weightlifting, Strength & Conditioning, GPP/Health.. the list goes on!


We've taken the hard part out, we know it's hard.. we've been there and we know that the following factors contribute to the success or failure of your fitness goals:

  • Structure
  • Time
  • Program Bouncing
  • Cookie Cutter Routines

You’re not a robot that can be programmed to blindly follow commands…


Let us take the stress of finding a program for you by DESIGNING your very own suited for your needs, goals and desires!