Bench Breakout
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Bench Breakout

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This 6 week program is simple, insanely effective and PROVEN to work. This Upper Body only cycle can be used as a standalone program, or you can pair it with one of our other Lower Body training programs.

The training variable that is adjusted throughout each week is intensity. This uses a simple linear periodization  which increases intensity leading up to your test day.

Each week alternates between Touch'N'Go Volume Sets and Comp (Pause) Intensity Sets.

This program also uses Block Benching.  A favorite among top powerlifters. Block Bench sets are usually heavier than your last working set and can be heavier than your actual bench. This will allow you to gain more confidence and get past that mid rep sticking point.

The accessory work in this program is proven to increase your size using a standard Hypertrophy approach. You’ll be using the 2-3 Sets x 10,8,6 Reps method. You will use a weight you can perform 10 reps with, rest 15 seconds, perform 8 reps, rest 15 seconds, perform 6 reps & rest for 1 Minute before you start the next set.